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Sunday, January 22, 2012

NOTD: About as boring as I can do

This is about as ordinary as I can do. (It's pretty darn "normal" of a polish color, huh?)

Revlon Top Speed in Cheers--one of the free Walgreens haul from last month, brought to you by the kajillion trips I made for Nyquil and cough syrup for my boyfriend. (He's better now.) 2 coats--on the last few nails they ended up being on the thicker side, because I found on the first few that thin coats caused some dragging for me. I don’t usually use quick-dry polish, so I haven’t gotten the hang of timing the drying time between coats correctly. Perhaps this one could have used more than the less-than-a-minute I gave it.

The other day I jazzed it up by using a Sally Girl mini--it's a duochrome white called That's Fresh. In the bottle it flashes purple and green, but over this all I could see was a bit of fuchsia and an even smaller bit of gold. It did make the overall color look a bit more mauve than pink though. All and all, not a fan of the combo (and it refused to photograph, so no pics). (Also, that's 2 untried polishes down on one manicure! Should've glittered it up at some point too.)

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