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Monday, January 16, 2012

NOTD: Good season, Pack. See you in September.

Yesterday, my newly adopted football team was playing their first playoff game (Green Bay Packers--they were the #1 seed in the NFC, so they had a bye the first week), so I decided that it was time to do what I'd wanted to do all season and do a Packers manicure. The full mani didn't work out so well (coincidentally, neither did the game), but I took a picture of the base color before I messed it up with failed stamping and less-than-optimal accent nails. It's already been removed.

This is Sinful Colors Let's Meet. 3 coats, and I still had some VNL that aren't really visible in the picture. Next time I wear this, I'm going to put it over white and see how that works (suggested by someone in the Ravelry nail group I read). It really is a damn near perfect Packer gold.

So I decided to try to doctor it up by stamping with the closest thing I had to Packer green, Zoya Suvi. (It's a TINY bit too blue, but it's the closest I've got.) Two fails: 1) I totally misaligned the stamp, and 2) it's way too sheer for stamping. So then I tried to do an accent nail (3rd fail: over the existing gold) with the Suvi. 3 coats and it was still see-through enough that it looked more olive than forest. (Yes, I should have taken the gold off, but this was during the really horrid part of the game, so I wasn’t really thinking clearly about nail polish.) I didn't even take pictures of the final result before I took it off this morning.

The good news is I get to cross one color off my untried list. (Technically Suvi was untried as well, but since all I did was failed stamping and a failed accent nail, I'm not sure if it counts enough to be crossed off the list.) I don't want to admit how many more are still on the list...

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